GeoPix is a playful and creative 3D pixel-mapping engine with an emphasis on jam-ability and live performances across multiple mediums in real-time.

v 0.9 (now available for free)

GeoPix 0.9 is where it all began. An early experiment I built to drive LED’s of the addressable variety.  It features a 2d pixel mapping canvas, a panel creator, 3d visualizer and performance / automation engine to run light shows either in real-time or entirely on auto-pilot.

v 1.0 (now released)

GeoPix 1.0 is an entirely new animal. Re-imagined and re-designed from the ground up – it picks up the slack where 0.9 fell short. It features a full 3D viewport and projection based workflow, allowing you to mix dmx based devices with led, and even video surfaces.

Partners, Collaborators, and Clients:

  • imaginex

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  • lightningInABottle

  • euphoriaMusicFest

  • caliroots

  • modopFilms
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  • toyota

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  • digital Permaculture

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