Experiential Software Engineer

Lucas Morgan Demo Reel 2021 on YouTube



GeoPix is a free and open source real-time lighting control and previz software. It's built in TouchDesigner, with a workflow and UI/UX inspired by 3D animation software.

I am the founder and creator of the software, and have been working on it for the last 6 years.


Crescent Sun

Crescent Sun is a high end video mapping and show control system developed by Imaginex.

While employed with Imaginex, I worked on many aspects of the software ranging from backend architecture, to shader optimizations and UI/UX frontend.


Meow Wolf

Omega Mart(Meow Wolf), is an interactive, mind-bending art experience. Participants explore an extraordinary supermarket that bursts into surreal worlds and unexpected landscapes.

My responsibilities primarily revolved around programming and building the software that would run several of the installations permanently.

egg tracking & wall diffusion reaction

Rainbow Vomit

Rainbow Vomit is both an interactive photography exhibit and a unique venue and event space.

I was the lead technical director for an interactive performance called "The Rising". Many different technologies and lighting elements were unified within a TouchDesigner powered CMS, driving the performance.

a photo of the globe in the AT&T Discovery District

AT&T Globe

The AT&T Globe is an interactive permanent installation located in downtown Dallas, at the AT&T Headquarters Discovery Disctrict Plaza.

I was contracted by Float4, a canadian company who was unable to make it onsite due to travel restrictions in 2020. I was a physical extension of their team for the entire install.

volumetrics in TouchDesigner by Lucas Morgan

Node Institute

I wrote and recorded a full online course on how to program and fine tune volumetric lighting in TouchDesigner with GLSL.

This course was intended for Touch developers, and covered the basics of RayMarching in the fragment shader as properly compositing the volumetrics with a PBR workflow.

large scale system architecture in TouchDesigner workshop - Summit

TD Summit 2019

I was invited to speak at Derivative's yearly visual programming conference on the subject of large scale system architecture in TouchDesigner, and my experience navigating that in GeoPix and other larger works.

I gave a 4 hour talk on various workflows and models to use while building applications in TouchDesigner.

adidas NMD view from upstairs, dark and purple projections

Adidas NYC

During my time at Imaginex, we worked with BRDG to bring an Adidas product showcase event to life with full 360 wall projection mapping.

My roles surrounded the mapping onsite of the content, as well as developing/creating generative effects around architectural edges such as frames, and wall edges.

guests creating t-shirts at Taylor Swift Super Saturday 2017

Taylor Swift Event

Super Saturday Night was an after party event for one of Taylor Swift's concerts.

My responsibility here were to develop the software and networking / workflow for allowing guests to design their own tshirts that automatically went to the tshirt printing company's station next to ours.

Spotify CES vegas, led forest

Spotify CES

The Spotify CES Vegas event was another collaboration through Imaginex, with BRDG.

I was tasked with designing and programming the lighting software that drove the led tubes in conjunction with 4 different music tracks chosen by Spotify.

guests drawing on the touch screen at Hennessy 250th

Hennessy 250th

For the 250th year aniversary of Hennessy, BRDG and Imaginex helped to execute 3 large scale multi media engagement zones.

I was responsible for the drawing canvas application, which allowed users to design their own patterns, then take photos in front of the projected art on the wall, and share it to email, social, etc.


MOD/Op Films

"Away Game"(Toyota) was a commercial series produced by MOD/OP Films who contracted a colleague of mine and I to assist with the programming and lighting control of the temporary forest install.

The goal was to recreate a scene from Electric Forest, in a remote forest somewhere more suitabl to filming.



INFINITY is an art installation designed and created by Gabriel Pulecio, a friend and colleague who is a multidisciplinary new media artist & designer.

My responsibilities were to develop the realtime application framework, visual / interactive features that the installation needed to showcase, and provide hardeware support.


FireLine #3

A personal venture and passion project embarked upon with other friends and colleagues, we set out to put on a small EDM event at a local bar/club in Dallas's Deep Ellum district.

The entire visual production was programmed, and performed using an earlier version of GeoPix. My friend Daniel Schaeffer ran the lasers system.


Event Horizon

Event Horizon was an led art installation I brought to Electric Forest in 2016.

I designed, fabricated, and programmed the install in 3D, using every hardware and software skillset I possesed at the time.

Structural steel fabrication done by Brian Korsedal.


Control Systems

A part of many of my projects involved fabricating enclosures, or control boxes for hardware and electronics that were involved for lighting control.

My background in 3D design and computer animation made it possible to design, print, and iterate on professional home made systems.


Modular Panels

I went through a phase of creating my own lighting gear, partly out of neccesity for my own projects and partly out of a desire to test an idea for a physical product.

While the product development path was not one I pursued, the hardware I did develop is still in use till this day.


3D Art

My career started off in the 3D animation world, where I worked as an Environment Artist.

I specialized in vegetation and organic scenery, as well as a procedural texturing workflow which made texturing large scenes and many objects very fast.