Led Dome @ Electric Forest

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The Led Dome was an experimental project designed to test the limits and abilities of our new led panel tech as well as provide a sneak preview of what will be hitting the market by 2016. By means of 3d designed and printed parts, we were able to build a dome that hung upside down from a control box that ...

Main Archway @ Euphoria Music Festival – Austin, Texas

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Through a last minute collaboration with Digital Permaculture, we landed the opportunity to pixel map and light the main archway at the local Euphoria Music festival here in Austin, Texas. This project leveraged several techniques and workflows we've established in both software and hardware that allowed this to go smoothly, from raw supplies to finished product in 8 days. Led's ...

16 Panel Led Lighting System

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The 16 Panel LED Lighting System is as 100% custom designed Dj Lighting and video system based around low cost fabrication techniques, modular assembly, and audio reactive visuals. This system can be built in smaller or larger scales and assembled and mapped in virtually any arrangement the tubing and connectors allow for. Thanks DJ Vow for providing the sample mix!
3840 led video wall

Portable and modular LED video wall 3840

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After couple months of on and off design, research, implementation, redesign, troubleshooting, and tons sweating (garage workshop in a Texas summer does that) my first clients product is finally done. This is just the start of things to come in this area, but it's a huge milestone for me none the less. I photographically documented a fairly good portion of this ...