GeoPix.1.0 is COMING! – October 2017

Hey folks,

It’s been some time since I’ve updated the website, however I’ve been more active on our facebook page and such. However I’m coming back out of the shadows to announce that I’m officially locking down the release of GeoPix 1.0 for October 2017!

I’ve embarked on a full rewrite of the software with tons of improvements, optimizations, and a totally different mindset working with leds, objects, geometry, etc.

On top of that, I’ll be releasing the software under some sort of open source arrangement, through a sponsorship with my current company Imaginex!

In this update:

– GeoPix 1.0 scheduled for release December 2017!!
– New open source model coming

– Maya like viewport system
– Scene management system with scene outliner
– Css like styling of UI
– user saving entirely encapsulated in 1 .TOX

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