GeoPix.1.0 Dev Log #9

So many changes and updates – I will list the main higher level points here this time around!

– Created new scene light object types

– Objects and lights now have r/g/b control of their materials lights. Objects also have a texture slot where you can load video or imagery.

– scene outliner has undergone a total overhaul now geometry based and hovers in viewport. very fast, and can support complex color coded hierarchy trees.

– Newly optimized left/right side bar UI system with fully dynamic / resize able framework

– attribute editor has undergone a total overhaul. now much easier to build new attributes into the system and also performance scales much better when many channels change at once.

– context-based left bar create/tool pallete.

– ditched the gizmo, we now use a blender-style hotkey driven transform system with x/y/z buttons enabling various axis constraints! Way easier to program, faster to run, and faster to use once you get the hang of it.

– SO MANY OPTIMIZATIONS and the code / network is cleaner / faster / more flexible than every before.

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