low poly restaurant

This restaurant was modeled after the maze grill and hotel in London. The entire scene is 30,000 triangles. I’ll be updating this later with some different lighting, probably won’t be game ready anymore, but it will definitely look different. more to come, Lucas

Road Trips

So it’s not exactly a road trip, I’m just moving back home to Texas from Orlando, Florida. Full Sail is done, and my dad and I managed to pack up everything that was important and pack it all into the back of his truck. A recent discovery of ours is that duct tape is good, but Gorilla tape is even …

1 more week

I’ll be done with my education at Fullsail University and hopefully with college in general in 1 week. I’m thrilled to get have gotten this far and still be crazy about what I do. This time next week I will also be finished with my demo reel, so again, check back here and my main site for that update. -Lucas