Getting Started with GeoPix

A word about licensing

GeoPix is built in the wonderful visual programming environment called Touch Designer. It’s the reason the software can be what it is visually, and do what it does in terms of communication and interactivity.

If you’re trying out GeoPix for the first time, the demo mode’s only restriction is that the led output goes dark for 30 seconds every 3 minutes.

If you are not using GeoPix for profit but want to remove the demo restriction then you need to purchase a GeoPix software key (Coming Soon!). However, if you are using GeoPix to make money, Derivative requires that you purchase a “TouchPlayer Commercial” license as well.

System Requirements

Since GeoPix leverages the GPU, CPU, and storage (HDD) constantly and in real-time it is important to have a fast computer in many aspects. Since GeoPix is new, we haven’t tested it on a very wide range of work stations so the following are just general guidelines.

That being said the best way to find out if GeoPix will run well on your computer is to simply try out the demo and see.

  • Windows 7/8/10
  • 3+ gigs of system ram
  • 2+ gigs of video ram
  • Fast storage such as SSD
  • quad core i7 or similar
  • Nvidia Kepler based GPU or better (Geforce 600+)

Software Status

NOTE: GeoPix is currently in Open Beta.

Your feedback is incredibly important and we will be aggressively squashing bugs, taking feature requests, and making GeoPix better! Open Beta is due to last several months, likely until June or July of 2016.

You can still purchase a key for GeoPix before then through the web store but please evaluate the software fully for your purposes before committing it to any big projects.

For questions, requests, and bugs please drop us a line at our facebook page. Or contact us here.

1) Download and Install Touch Designer

Head over to the Touch Designer download page at Derivative and download a copy of the latest 64 bit installer and install it.

2) Register with Derivative, and sign into Touch Designer.

Register here. Open up an empty instance of Touch Designer, and press alt+k to open the Key Manager.

Sign in to the key manager above.

Once you do, you will be given the option to create a non-commercial key. Again if you are making money using GeoPix you must purchase a “TouchPlayer Commercial” license instead.

This is a one time process per computer and will allow you to launch GeoPix by simply double clicking on the program, or a shortcut to it.

3) Download the GeoPix bundle

Download GeoPix

Click the button above to download a zip file containing the “Getting Started” project folder with GeoPix bundled inside.

Inside there will be a folder named “GeoPix_0.9”. Feel free to place this anywhere on your computer but it’s recommended to place this directly off of your C drive. Example: C:/GeoPix_0.9 This makes GeoPix much more portable even if you are using absolute paths.

4) Install USB drivers

Art-Net and OPC are supported out of the box! However if you are driving pixels via usb serial with a Teensy 3.x then you need to install USB drivers.

This installer has been included in the GeoPix bundle for your convenience. Navigate to: “GeoPix_0.9\_SOFTWARE\utilitiesAndExamples” and install teensy_serial_install.exe  as administrator. You can also get it via PJRC here.

If you’re on windows 8/10 you may not need to do this but it’s recommended to run the installer anyways, it will tell you if you’re up to date or not.

NOTE: If you want to build your own pixel controller or use your own teensy or comparable arduino as a pixel driver visit Our Teensy 3.1/Arduino Guide Here.

5) Launch GeoPix!


If TouchDesigner installed correctly and you are signed in with your Derivative login you can launch GeoPix by double clicking on the program file: GeoPix_0.9\_SOFTWARE\GeoPix.0.9.xxxx.toe

There are several ways to get help using the software:

  • A) Hold Q + hover over any UI element

    If you hold the letter Q and hover over any gui element you will get a tool tip with more info about that control.

  • B) View help windows in each Tab

    You can also open floating windows featuring help documentation for each control. This may be more practical if you have more than 1 monitor.

  • B) Watch the walk through videos!

    The best documentation available is our video walk through series on GeoPix. Just head on over to the GeoPix Pixel Mapper page.

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