The GeoPix Product Line

Our Software

The GeoPix LED Pixel Mapper is our standalone high powered solution for driving and controlling many thousands of pixels for a variety of applications from autonomous art installations, to stage design and VJ’ing.

  • Design and draw out custom led panel shapes.
  • Layout a pixel map using predefined panel definitions.
  • Create complex visuals and effects with Smart Clips.
  • Visualizer, build, test and perform in a fully digital 3D environment.
  • VJ live with our performance engine with MIDI/OSC mapping support.

Our Lights (Coming Soon!)

Highly modular, and easy to assemble, our square and triangle led panels and strips allow you to create geometric led displays quickly and elegantly, allowing you to focus on the artistic execution of your vision rather than the technical aspect.

  • GeoPix Square – 10 x 10 led panel.
  • GeoPix Triangle – Equilateral triangle with 9 pixels to an edge.
  • Pre Terminated led strips for building your own panels and fixtures.

Our pixel control solutions (Coming Soon!)

Pixel controllers and power distribution are two of the most complex areas of led systems and typically the bottleneck as well. For the last two years we’ve been testing and iterating on the most practical and efficient ways to power and drive loads pixels with out breaking the bank. We have several modular plug and play solutions coming soon!

  • Weather resistant and plug and play.
  • Support for a range of protocols such as serial, Art-Net, OPC and more to come.
  • Our 3d printed modular enclosure system can be expanded or shrunk to accommodate a variety of technology. Let us know what you want to see inside one of our boxes!