GeoPix.1.0 Dev Log #8

– added selectable HULL markers.
– fixed parenting bug where objects would sometimes jump.
– MASSIVE speed optimizations with parenting, duplicating.
– added geoplane primitive template.
– can now draw hulls! basis for drawing all sorts of led shape structures.
– gizmo dissapears when holding S for snap.
– fixed bug regarding selection highlighting staying stuck after duplicate.
– tabbing through attribute fields auto updates values
– when duplicating objects, name digits are incremented.
– outliner objecet ORDER is based on alpha numeric hierarchy+names!
– Added attribute editor jump fix – dirty attribute fields!
– can now create FIXTURES
– color coded outliner objects
– optimized speed of deleting multiple selected objects
– cleaned up back end and organized transform code.
– fixed bug regarding scale gizmo distorting during scale operation.
– bug fixes with snapping data offset by a frame.
– can snap to groups and vice versa. Great for scene markers!
– fixed bug where transforming multiple selected would snap them all to same location upon gizmo release. was related to snapping feature.
– snapping spheres updated visually
– added visual button indicator at bottom of screen.
– duplicate with previous spacing option


– New generators, like grid, array, circle, noise, etc.
– collapsible outliner items.

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