GeoPix.1.0 Dev Log #6

– Cube, Cylinder, Sphere, Cone geometry primitive templates added for simple scene building!
– Mirror transformations on x y or z.
– Duplicate selected objectsbutton added.
– Delete selected objects button added.
– Reset button for translate, rotate, scale. Works on selected items.

– Group button now groups selected objects when clicked.
– Q/W/E/R and entering attribute data re centers and orients gizmo,
also gizmo wont change when cursor out of viewport.

– Fixed selection issue where objects could not be selected at certain camera angles.
– Fixed force cook issue regarding renaming newly created objects.



– Make ctrl-Delete key work to delete geometry function above. Should simply depress the button.
– Make ctrl-G combo work (with correct ordering) for grouping selected. Should simply depress the button.
– Snap to grid feature, maybe as another button next to transform reset sliver.
– rename multiple feature

– Configurations / settings page?
– Make Outliner scrollable for longer lists of objects.
– save / load scene feature.
– duplicate based on last distance traveled. (add a table that tracks last distance traveled, and use this.

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